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Our Products and Services:

  • Training & Educating Birth Assistants
  • Certifying Birth Assistants
  • Providing a directory of Certified Birth Assistants
  • Continuing Education for Birth Assistants  

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What is a Birth Assistant?

A trained birth professional who assists and supports Licensed Midwives in an out of hospital setting.  They are also referred to as a "midwife's assistant".  

In the Northwest, Birth Assistants attend births with a Licensed Midwife at either the client's home or at a licensed free standing birth center. The Birth Assistant's primary role at a birth is to assist the LM under supervision in whatever capacity the midwife needs her. BA's normally do the majority of the charting during the labor and birth which allows for the midwife and the student midwife to focus on the mom and baby. Birth Assistants also provide a variety of supervised support services at births such as: check fetal heart tones, check vital signs on mom and baby, keep the birth room clean and organized, make sure all the equipment is stocked and sterilized, provide assistance in emergency situations, assist in IV and meds set up and many other tasks and supportive procedures.  

At NWBA, we are here to train and educate on the universal standards of Birth Assisting. We are here to help you build a foundation of skills and knowledge that will allow you to attend births with midwives in your community.
"A birth assistant is like an intuitive second set of hands."
~Dzhan Wiley, LM, CPM
Wenatchee Midwife Service & Childbirth Center